Advanced Technology

The San Diego Eye & Laser Center is pleased to discuss our advanced ophthalmology technology. Because our committment to technology is important we want you to know about some of the most important technology used at this practice. We promise the best in patient care and San Diego eye care technology for this patients. Please feel free to review this ophthalmology website for patient education information and news on the latest technology.

Intralase® Bladefree LASIK technology

IntralaseIntralase is a femtosecond laser used to create the flap portion of the LASIK eye surgery. The Intralase machine makes the flap with a precise computer controlled laser instead of a blade driven microkeratome. The Intralase corporation reports better precision and better safety for patients. The Intralase is a widely accepted method of LASIK eye surgery flap creation and has been used since the FDA approval in 2004. For more information regarding Intralase please visit our ophthalmology website page for bladeless LASIK.

Bladefree LASIK

VISX excimer laser

VISXLASIK eye surgery involves the use of an excimer laser to permanently change the shape of the cornea, or the outer layer of the eye. The EXCIMER laser, which is a specific type of "cool" laser, generates its power from light in the ultraviolet range. This type of laser cannot be visualized by the human eye. Because the excimer laser does not generate any heat, there is no tissue damage as the result of the laser light. As the treatment with the laser proceeds, microscopic layers of tissue, approximately 1/10th the width of a human hair are removed. The laser is programmed to remove precisely the amount of tissue needed to achieve the desired result.


Advanced CustomVue™ Wavefront Technology

CustomVue WavefrontApproved by the FDA for safety and efficacy, the Advanced CustomVue™ procedure is a custom-tailored laser vision correction procedure designed to correct the unique imperfections of your eyes. Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted and/or astigmatic, the Advanced CustomVue™ LASIK can help with imperfections such as glare and halo. For more information regarding wavefront technology and custom LASIK please visit our ophthalmology website page for Custom LASIK.

CustomVue Wavefront

Refractive Cataract Surgery - Blade Free Cataract Surgery

lensxThe femtosecond laser offers you a precision based solution for cataract surgery. A bladeless, computer-controlled laser surgery planned and performed to exact individualized specifications, not attainable with other surgical methods.  For more information about blade free cataract surgery click here.

Sonomed Ultrasonic BIO microscope

Sonomed Ultrasonic BIO microscopeThis piece of equipment is an ultrasonic bio-microscope high-resolution, high-frequency ultrasound system that provides unparalleled image resolution, precise measurement tools such as sulcus-to-sulcus and angle measurements in degrees, states Sonomed. Our doctors can adjust their focus on different areas or structures within the anterior segment through four different preconfigured settings, providing unmatched resolution of angle structures and a clear view behind the iris.


PentacamWithin a mere second the Pentacam® supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior eye segment. Measurement of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces supplies the true total refractive power of the cornea. The data on the posterior surface gives assistance for early keratoconus detection. Unlike conventional topography systems the Pentacam® measures true elevation data rather than just curvature values.


OCTOptical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new, noninvasive, noncontact, transpupillary imaging technology which can image retinal structures in vivo with a resolution of 10 to 17 microns. Cross-sectional images of the retina are produced using the optical backscattering of light in a fashion analogous to B- scan ultrasonography. The anatomic layers within the retina can be differentiated and retinal thickness can be measured.

IOL master (for cataract surgery)

IOL masterWe are pleased to offer the new IOL master technology for extremely accurate measurement of the axial length used for intraocular lens power calculations. This device uses partial coherence interferometry to measure the length of the eye. This device is non-contact, thus eliminating inaccuracies introduced by even small amounts of corneal compression induced by A-scan measurement probes. It also calculates anterior chamber depth, keratometry and the standard deviation of multiple readings.

Humphrey Visual Field TEST

Humphrey Visual Field TESTThis is a special procedure to do perimetry, i.e., measure visual fields. It is specifically indicated in Glaucoma diagnosis It is an automated perimetry, wherein repeated light stimulus of varying intensities appears in different parts of the field. Fields are charted on the basis of patient’s perception of these lights, while his/her eye is focused on a central spot. The results obtained from the patient are then compared with those of the age matched normal population and the amount of damage is quantified.

It is a simple, painless out patient procedure and takes only about 15 minutes. This test is invaluable in diagnosing, and monitoring the treatment in patients with glaucoma. A patient typically requires multiple sittings of this investigation over a period of time to monitor the progression of the disease.

Autorefractor - (Used in LASIK pre-operative evaluations)

AutorefractorOur autorefractor, is a computer-controlled machine used during an eye examination to provide an objective measurement of a person's refractive error and prescription for glasses or contact lenses. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it enters a person's eye. The automated refraction technique is quick, simple and painless. The patient takes a seat and places their chin on a rest. One eye at a time, they look into the machine at a picture inside. The picture moves in and out of focus and the machine takes readings to determine when the image is on the retina. Several readings are taken which the machine averages to form a prescription. No feedback is required from the patient during this process.

World Renowned LASIK Surgeon

Our doctors are an internationally recognized ophthalmologists specializing in refractive and laser eye surgerie. They has pioneered Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) and has performed thousands of laser vision correction procedures. The our doctors gained fame and captured the attention of people worldwide when they performed the world's first live Internet LASIK Procedure. They has the distinction of being chosen as one of the "Top-Rated Physicians in America".

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Why Choose San Diego Eye Center For LASIK?

LASIK is a great choice for those tired of the hassles of contact lenses and eye glasses. Choosing the right practice can be challenging. So why choose San Diego Eye Center for your LASIK procedure? There are many reasons, but all revolve around one major factor: EXPERIENCE. Learn more about our Experience in regards to Laser Vision correction.

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Clear Vision for LASIK

Are you ready to be free of glasses and contact lenses? There are many vision corrections options available to you! We encourage you to read more about these exciting procedures and to schedule a consultation to determine what vision correction option best suits you. Whether it be LASIK, PRK, premium intraocular lenses, or other forms of vision correction offered at San Diego Eye Center, our goal is to free you from your dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

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Premium Lens Options

Do you have cataracts? Did you know that you can now significantly reduce or even eliminate your dependency on eye glasses after cataract surgery? You now can due to the advanced technology of premium intraocular lenses! Learn more about your premium lens options.

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What Our Patients Say

Learn what our patients have to say about Dr. Richard Leung at San Diego Eye & Laser Center.  Click here to read testimonials.

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0% Financing

If you are seeking clear vision, do not let your finances get in the way! We are pleased to offer CareCredit financing to our patients. CareCredit is your healthcare Credit Card! With affordable payment options and 0% financing, you can afford the clear vision you have been dreaming of.

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